The Bella

Artisan Handcrafted

Each bag is attentively handcrafted by a family-owned artisan shop from start to finish.

Above and Beyond

We embrace an active lifestyle; fusing action with sophistication and luxury with functionality. We believe in uncompromised attention to detail with over eighteen compartments to fit all your deepest bag desires.

Premium Materials
We use gold plated hardware and our exclusive Freedom Fiber™ material. With our product in hand, you'll feel the difference.

• Water Resistant
• Easy to Maintain and Durable
• Eco-Considerate
• Cruelty-Free Product

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
I’m a FAN

I spend about 50% of my time traveling for work, so an efficient bag that can go straight from plane to boardroom is crucial .

I spent hours combing the internet looking for something that would allow me to be organized and project the right image. The Bella is IT! I can’t say enough great things about it .

With spaces for everything and sturdy straps than can withstand a heavy laptop, it’s ideal.

I even found I could snap the handle snap onto my roll-aboard suitcase to make jetting to the next gate a breeze!

Thank you! (I’ll send you a picture when I’m in airport again in a few days!)

Way to go !!!!!

Heidi Shafer

This bag makes my life manageable. 5+ stars

The title of my review may sound outrageous --how can a handbag make one's life more manageable? The Bella was my answer to having everything I needed for the entire day that is spent on the run from meeting to meeting till 7 p.m. It's my life saver. It holds all folders, notebooks, an i-pad and phone in an accessible manner ... but wait there's more, much more. With its smartly designed storage compartments, I can also easily keep eyeglasses, lipstick, ink pens, my money and ID, hairbrush, nail file and TUMS in handy reach. There's a compartment for my travel mug or water bottle and snacks. The shoe compartment is a handy place to stash my umbrella. And with all this "stuff," the cross body strap is a life saver. But the best part - it looks very stylist and professional. I could have used a back pack that would handled this load but I didn't want to look like a was out for a hike when I walked into a board room. And I don't with The Bella. I look like a professional woman who has what she needs at her fingertips to handle any situation.

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The Bell of the Ball

14 compartments and functions. Finally, a beautiful handbag that will fit your on-the-go lifestyle. Laptop, Check. Heels for the night out, Check. Extra changing clothes, Check. Utility strap to hold a jacket or umbrella? Check!

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