When Lisa Hu created Lux & Nyx, she made a conscious decision not to sacrifice style and function for sustainability. All Lux & Nyx products are made with eco-friendliness and durability at the forefront of production. Our mission is to limit waste and manufacture sustainably while still providing a high quality bag for the woman who deserves it and wants to feel good about what they’re carrying.

Upcycled Leather

It’s important for us to limit our waste output into the world. Instead of creating new leather, we’re using the leftovers of others in the industry to create products like our fan bags. By using upcycled leather, we maintain the luxury of the fabric without the unnecessary energy, water, and unused material it takes to create a leather bag. We treat the leather so it has the qualities you love in a Lux and Nyx bag like durability and easy maintenance.

Bags that include upcycled leather:

  • Fan bag
  • XX
  • XX

Freedom Fiber

One thing that makes many of our Lux & Nyx bags so special is the use of our very own Freedom Fiber tech material. It’s derived from recycled polymer, so we can ensure that we’re manufacturing sustainably by not producing new plastics. The Freedom Fiber production process is non-toxic to humans, which means greater sustainability and more ethical manufacturing. 

The material itself is breathable, flexible and long-lasting. Freedom Fiber also uses less water to create, unlike traditional leather, which takes thousands of gallons of water to treat. In a typical sheet of real leather, only certain cuts of one sheet can be used to create bags like these. For high quality leather, up to 50% of a single sheet can go to waste (which we’re picking up for our bags that use upcycled leather). Freedom Fiber on the other hand, utilizes almost an entire sheet of material. 

Not only is Freedom Fiber lighter weight than traditional leather we’ve developed the material to make it tear and weather resistant, so you don’t have to think twice about where you’re taking your bag. 

Bags that include Freedom Fiber:

  • Zoe
  • Little Zoe
  • XX
  • XX

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