We equip the rockstar woman going places and making a difference in the world.  


Hi, I'm Lisa

Lux & Nyx is greek for "Light & Night", a representation of time & life changes.

While looking into a beautiful sunset, I made a decision to switch from corporate finance to product design.   

Going into it I had a goal in mind: create products that rockstar women loved  and made their lives easier.

There are ever increasing demands on our daily lives as we strive to make the world a better place.

The products you own should help you achieve your ambitions with ease and simplicity.  

You are a women at the forefront, and you are out to make a difference in the world.

I started this brand as a platform to thank you for taking the Lead.  

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We support women at the forefront. 

We want a world where girls grow up to be confident, resilient leaders. Where more women run companies and countries.

We are driven by the belief our society and economy is better with more women at the forefront.

With every purchase, we give back to women empowerment organizations, and women lead  initiatives throughout the world.  


We commit to becoming a more
eco-friendly brand every day. 

Not only do we utilize eco-friendly materials as much as possible.

We started our annual #LNBuildTogether initiative where are create limited edition runs where we make as much as pre-ordered to "slow down" fashion,  and double down on intentional product creation.   

Learn more about our materials used.

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It was never really about just bags — it was what the bag made possible.

An emerging community of rockstar women, moving fluidly through daily challenges with confidence.