November 25, 2018

I was at the top of my corporate career, a Finance Director at a multinational company.
There was just one problem: I felt like an impostor.
They told me, “fake it till you make it.”
It was not easy getting there. Along the way, I was told “no” countless times.
Hearing “no” only made me work even harder.      
Once I got there, it hit me: I was working for the idea of success, and sacrificing everything to get it. I simply faked it, and I made it.      
But I still didn’t know what success really meant to me.
Searching for the answer, I tried to balance my life – by pushing myself even farther.
In addition to working overtime, I also added a workout routine, and decided to pursue an evening MBA degree.  
For wanderlust, I added last-minute red eye flights to my “free time” itinerary.
I was literally flying by the seat of my “pant suit” — and I had never felt more alive.
Yet, I was missing the essential tools in life to get me from place to place with class and efficiency.
Really, I was looking for a professional quality bag that made me look important enough for the board room, and yet carried all my stuff needed to get the job done.
It didn’t exist.  I looked EVERYWHERE.    
So I decided to add on another project to my “free time.”
I learned to sew and created prototypes.
Then proceeded to search for skilled person(s) to help me make it, from city to city, country to country.  Over 40 manufacturers later, I found the “one.”
During this process, I stepped down from my corporate career path, and started my own company.
I devoted my time to creating power tools for other independent women that “do it all” -- handbags that help them get the job done, and make them look polished and beautiful.
It has not been easy getting here. I started over again, from the very bottom.
Along the way, I’ve been told “no” countless times. But being told “no” only made me work even harder. I knew that, while I might not have a degree in fashion, I know what a modern woman needs to conquer her day.
This side project gave me purpose.
I now create power tools that support other women working for their dreams to hold it all together.  
For every bag out in the world, each win the women achieved while carrying the bags I designed, they are the small wins that will get me through each “no” I face as an individual. That’s success.
Today, I want to thank the women who don’t take no for an answer: thanks for winning, for being you, for conquering your fears and winning in your life.
You helped me, finally, find myself.
At Lux & Nyx, we advocate for the women that does it all, because we understand, it’s not easy being a rockstar. 

Your Bravery, Your Energy, Your Drive. 
And Cheers to the Journey of Self Discovery. 


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