Our Mission

Lux & Nyx empowers high achieving women with multifunctional and fashionable bags and accessories that help them make a difference in the world.

Who you are

You’re a high-achieving woman who cares about making a positive impact on the world. As a busy professional who’s constantly on the move, you have no room for products that slow you down.

That’s why you’re on the hunt for purposeful products that streamline your success with ease and simplicity. Fortunately, your search ends here.

How it all started?

«I was determined to make this bag a reality for myself and other women like me»

Lisa Hu

Founder at Lux & Nyx

At Lux & Nyx, we’re frustrated by the same limitations blocking us from performing our best. That’s why our Founder, Lisa Hu, is committed to crafting quality, functional handbags for ambitious women climbing the leadership ladder.It isn’t just about the bag, either — it’s about what it represents.

As high-achieving women, we’re a largely underserved and overlooked demographic by mainstream brands. When you choose Lux & Nyx, you can trust us as an empowering decision that enables your success in making a difference in the world.

Why Lux & Nyx?

Did you know as few as 7% of products marketed towards women are actually designed by women? At Lux & Nyx, we aren’t just a brand for women by women—we’re constantly supporting female-focused non-for-profits, too.

We also leverage crowdsourcing surveys that take your needs into account during the design process. Not to mention our eco-conscious commitment to using vegan or recycled materials to ensure intentional product creation.