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Little Zoe. Big Deal.

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100 Women Can't Be Wrong

We traveled city to city and asked what we should create next.  
We jotted down design notes and created the Little Zoe.
Then we showed over 100 rockstar women.  
The overwhelming verdict?  
The Perfect On-The-Go Day Trip Packer.  

Hands down.  

In today’s market for handbags, an aspiring professional woman has to choose between volume-driven low-quality products,

or uber luxury, extremely expensive brand names that she is worried about using everyday.

More important, neither option offers the desired level of functionality.  

At Lux and Nyx, we are offering a different paradigm of products for you.

What to Expect

Bonus Gift (Early Reservation ONLY)

Lux & Nyx Believer Bracelet

18K Gold Plated

Dual Purpose:

Bracelet + Hairband Holder

Inside Inscription:

"Lux & Nyx Believer"

"Nothing Stops Her. She is Woman."

Our Story


At Lux & Nyx,

We're equipping the rockstar woman with the tools she needs to forge ahead, in the day and in her career, and make a difference in the world.

Luxurious. Functional. Eco-friendly.

Founder Story

I was a finance executive at a multi-billion dollar company, I balanced my heavy workload with an equally active lifestyle. Always on the go, I found myself lugging over 4 bags daily. I didn’t need four bags, I just wanted one, but I scoured the market and couldn’t find one that was functional enough for different occasions, high quality enough for everyday use, and also fitting enough for my identity as a female executive. After speaking with my friends who are also females rising in their professional career, I realized I wasn’t alone. I set out to create a solution, and launched Lux & Nyx in May of 2018.

Now I design bags to help others hold it all together. At Lux & Nyx, we represent the growing market of professional women. She is the heroine, she is not satisfied with the status quo, and we want to be there along side with her to the top.

Your Lux & Nyx Adventures Awaits

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What Others Are Saying About Lux & Nyx

"I’m super happy with how my Lux & Nyx Zoe backpack travels. This is my first time using it on a flight. It really does fit perfectly under the seat. I have it packed to the gills and it’s still easy to carry and get in / out of. Plus, it looks so chic! Just wanted to share. Great job! "

"My new Zoe backpack is the best travel bag I've ever had! I've been a Flight Attendant for 24 years &
I've tried many different brands! Thank you for my Zoe bag! It's the best Backpack Ever!!!!"

"This is the most beautiful backpack I have ever seen. It looks even better in person than it does in the pictures. You can tell how well it's made and the fabric quality is very impressive and sleek while still holding up well for travel and weather. I can barely walk out of the house with mine before people start coming up to me asking where I got my bag. I love that it's so versatile and the functionality is very well-though out. "

Want More Reasons?

Cost Breakdown

Our products are designed to be used daily. Feel confident your investment will help you look good and feel more comfortable every day it's being used. Not to mention the Little Zoe is Two Bags in One, with the detachaeble front clutch.

We've done the cost/benefit breakdown of this investment for you.

On average it will only cost you $0.34 per wear,

and give you back 15 minutes of productivity time per day.



Better Support

Backpacks distribute the weight that you are carrying evenly across your back instead of focusing it on one side, maintaining your body’s natural gait and maintaining a balanced muscle tone.  

We understand you may need to carry a bit extra weight for your daily needs. So we have added extra padding to our backpack straps to ensure the most comfort for you.

3 Reasons to Treat Yourself

1. You work hard (give yourself a little credit).

2. You've met (or are working to meet) your goals.

3. You do things for other people, why not yourself?

Make Yourself a Priority Today

You Deserve This.

Treat Yo Self.

Make a Difference

We believe in total social impact. Being responsible to our customers and as well as society.  

We hand select projects that will provide educational benefit to our future generations. Our current project is with Love to Langa, 501(c) non for profit, to build a school in Langa Township, South Africa.  

Make an impact with us as we work on building the first Montessori school in Langa Township, we will keep you posted on progress, current estimated school completion in 2021.

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