our materials

All of our materials are procured directly from the manufacturers that create them, so that there is as little waste in the transportation process as possible. We have a high utilization rate with every bag we make; there are as few cuts as possible on each piece so that there’s not much waste. You’ll notice this on your bags as well -- there are very few lines and seams on each piece.

Freedom Fiber™

Freedom Fiber is a high-tech material that’s completely vegan and eco-friendly.

Created with a microfiber base, this material is then custom-made with a special pattern overlay to enable further functionality, durability, and resistance.

Freedom Fiber is easier to cut, odor-free, and has a high utilization rate, making it an eco-conscious solution. However, the sustainability does not compromise quality; a special coating makes the material averse to cracks and scratches, and as long-lasting as possible.

Up-Cycled Leather

At Lux and Nyx, all of our leather products are made using upcycled leather. We take leather scraps and old leather goods (handbags and shoes) to repurpose and reuse the leather in order to generate as little waste as possible.

After shredding these materials, we create a composite that is even more durable than regular leather. The end result has a clean and professional sheen that comes from our Freedom Fiber overlay; it’s both sleek and sustainable.


Our Neoprene fabric is created to be extra-resistant and durable enough to withstand every part of day-to-day use.

We’ve added an extra layer of thickness into this high-caliber material so that your bags act as a shield for whatever is inside. This product is totally weather and scratch resistant; the extra layer also makes it soft enough to act as a pillow ;)

ultra satin

The average satin does not compare to our Ultra Satin.

While it feels soft and smooth, the material is also completely weather resistant and durable. It’s incredibly long lasting and will not fade or scratch, no matter how much you use this bag.