Own Your Ambition

Lisa Hu was at the top of her corporate career, a Finance Director at a multinational company. She  was doing well and working hard to achieve a high level of success—but she felt unfulfilled.

She pursued an MBA and added regular workouts to her life. She found herself constantly moving from one place to another, but she was missing essential tools to make me feel powerful in each location. she looked everywhere for a professional, quality bag that looked the part in the boardroom and fit her gym shoes and books for traveling between client sites and home. She wondered why no one had created that perfect product.
If no one else would make it, she decided she would. She learned how to sew and started creating prototypes of the perfect bag for professional women on the go. She travelled to different cities and countries to learn what women truly needed. She tested over 40 manufacturers and various fabrics. She left her corporate job to dedicate herself to this process, and the final product of her labor of love was Lux & Nyx.

Lux & Nyx is Greek for light and night. She decided to name the company after the transition from night and day because this company is all about transition and change. Besides the obvious transitions of her career, while working in finance, she saw a lot of good people—especially women—being overlooked because they didn’t have anyone to advocate for them. She created this brand not only to make bags that transition with women from night to day and through careers, but also to shed light on these issues and the need for women to advocate for one another.

Today, she wants to thank the women who take risks: thank you for being you, for conquering your fears and finding your success. You helped her finally find her fulfillment.
At Lux & Nyx, we advocate for the women that does it all, because we understand that it’s not easy being a rockstar.